• SNR Creative TRULY helped focus my future projects and aspirations. I came to Shavonnah with ideas not quite fleshed out but with an understanding that I wanted to create a brand. Shavonnah helped steer my brand around the things that I am the most passionate about: entertaining, food and champagne. She gave me tools and deliverables that helped me begin crafting the intricacies of my brand and blog. Due to her expert coaching, I have begun crafting blogs, refining my writing and preparing for a TV Hosting Boot Camp in LA. I found her very open, and excited about the creative process. Shavonnah seems to enjoy helping people hone skills that are a clear formula for success. I am so excited about what I am creating and look forward to letting SNR Creative continue to help me move my vision into reality!
    Marcus Carter
  • SNR Creative has been the driving force in helping me brainstorm, map out, and plan how I'm going to tackle writing my first book. Shavonnah Schreiber has been helpful throughout the entire process by helping me select the title, determine the most effective narrative technique, and assess potential distribution strategies. Shavonnah is thorough, organized and really listens to the client -- she elicits our ideas and even makes your ideas come to light. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she wants you to be your best and takes your success to heart. I highly recommend her services and look forward to working together on future projects.
    Nicole Boden
  • SNR Creative published my novel and set up my writers' blog. Shavonnah has been invaluable in helping me with marketing my book. She set up a very well attended kick-off party, and a writer's panel with three other authors. We have sold far more book for a first-time novelist than most first-time novelists do at this point. All of this is due to Shavonnah's leveraging her contacts to get me and my book in front of the right people. When faced with traditional literary agents who wouldn't take a chance on a new author, SNR Creative did take a chance on me, and it has paid off for me. A year after the initial publication, we continue to work together. Marketing is not a one-week or one-event process. SNR Creative has been with me for the long-term process.